How To Choose Air Mattress For Camping

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Camping is a fun outdoor activity. But when it comes to sleeping, many people hesitate to sleep on the ground. In such case, a mattress can be very handy. You can carry an air mattress for camping. Here are some tips on how to choose an air mattress.


You will find both light and heavy air mattresses on the market. If you want to sleep comfortably then you should get a heavier mattress. If you camp close to your home then you can buy this mattress. But if you are camping at a distance and may require to do rock climbing or overcome other hurdles, then it’s better to buy a light mattress so that it’s easy to carry.

Type of pump

In order to pump the air mattress, you can either choose one with an electric pump or a hand or foot pump. An electric pump is obviously better. But if you have to hike a long way then it is better not to carry an electric pump.

Brand and price

You should choose a good brand so that your mattress is durable. There are some very good air mattress brands available. You can choose one according to your budget. Prices of air mattresses vary. So, the price is also a factor to consider when buying an air mattress.

An air mattress can be a lifesaver when you go out camping. After hiking the whole day and doing other activities, you need a good night’s sleep and a good air mattress will help you to do just that.

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